Cloud Solutions 

Productivity Keys

Everything can be done faster and better with Electronic Information at your finger tips


The ability to have more information and greater control of your personal data or corporate data on any device anywhere in the world is the desire and trend of the future. Faster access to any type of content for work or play is the growing demand. GNS and a team of veteran IT professionals have been instrumental in providing advanced real-time systems for over 50 years.

Several masterful ways of accomplishing mission critical and enterprise level IT solution based systems have been the best kept secret behind some of the most powerful companies, governments and organizations of the world, which have operated as a cloud based environment since the late 60's.

​GNS  is a next generation New Media global conduit company empowering the conscious movement towards a sustainable, cooperative world, bringing together the best in Cloud Services and Inner-tainment. We provide innovative solutions that connect, protect, monetize, and build the brands of visionaries and their businesses for a better tomorrow.

Advanced Cloud Services 

The new term for Platform, Server or Database is “Cloud”! It is a global virtual information library, available anywhere, any time.


Systems for Solutions

Our services are for the advancement of human potential. We are focused on providing solutions in all sectors around the globe. Cloud related IT management systems are the core elements to success at any level of business; as well as simple access to tools we use on a daily basis over the internet. GNS is changing how we use data to improve lives.


We offer the fastest Internet and Intranet connections. Join Omni-fi while we  expand our global bubble and bring secure safe internet to every community in the world.

E Intelligent Technology

Consider the impact of real-time information on your business performance. Envision the power of insight, knowledge, and action-now.