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Our team has over 90 years of combined experience in innovative technology application. It is the sage wisdom derived from years of hands on developmental experience combined with a complete willingness to embrace the vanguard of creation that make GNS an obvious choice. We deliver unparalleled security in concert with a tried and true system that has been relied on by government agencies and Fortune 500 companies for over 50 years. The strength of our foundation allows us to focus on innovative solutions for our most advanced users along with intuitive functionality for beginners. Global Net Systems, solutions for today, inspiration for tomorrow. 

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Global Net Systems 
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A single focus vision held for more than 25 years. The founder of GNS is the son of the progenitor of the E-BIS/MAPPER SYSTEM. Mr. Mathew Schlueter saw globalization and worldwide enterpise systems as the way of the future when he was just 22 years old. This vision is finally taking hold and will change the lives of billions of people all over the planet.


About our Company

GNS was developed to create a mainstream awareness around this unprecedented system and foster further widespread success. When comparing the the currently available solutions on the market with E-BIS and ICE the E-Web commerce enabler it becomes clear that there simply is not any comparison because there is no contest with the strongest industrial software ever developed to date. This site will outline numerous reason why the following statement is true. GNS is creating an expanded approach to the current sales and marketing for the newly released add-on power tool products, such as ICE-RADS and ICEME, as well as several turn key applications that have been created by our staff and affiliate VAR. GNS will continue to remain dedicated to expanding the e-commerce enterprise globalization by supporting, training and creating awareness around the best kept secret in the industry: E-BIS ICE.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality service, support, and consulting services, enabling all our customers to reach their information solution goals as easily and as quickly as possible. We are the E-BIS Enterprise Intelligence experts. 

GNS  is a next generation New Media global conduit company empowering the conscious movement towards a sustainable, cooperative world, bringing together the best in Cloud Services and Inner-tainment. We provide innovative solutions that connect, protect, monetize, and build the brands of visionaries and their businesses for a better, more Innertaining tomorrow. This is the next generation of computing. Our users can produce, promote, share, earn and manage financial accounts through our secure system.

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