Advanced Cloud Services

Digital Rights Exchange

Digital Rights Exchange by Xeden Inc. 

This new Copyright Use and Access Exchange (Xeden) represents a true paradigm 

shift in the way digital media will be purchased and accessed. Xeden's founders saw 

that the sale of media would shift from physical sales to just the sale of access right by the copyright holders and realized that the presence of an entity that would facilitate the exchange of digital rights would be required in the emerging "Cloud Computing 


Digital Currency

ePay Cafe 


A digital currency (ePay cafe cybercoins or epoints) that enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. We use peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority, managing transactions and issuing money is carried out collectively by the network. ePay Cafe is also an open source software which enables the use of this form of currency. This system provides several advantages over traditional forms of currency. 

The new term for Platform, Server or Database is “Cloud”! It is a global virtual information library, available anywhere, any time. Global Net Systems (GNS) Cloud will expand the world providing not only the content that has been licensed or shared; but the software to manage, manipulate and use it! GNS  is a next generation New Media global conduit company empowering the conscious movement towards a sustainable, peaceful world, bringing together the best in Cloud Services and Inner-tainment. We provide innovative solutions that connect, protect, monetize, and build the brands of visionaries and their businesses for a better, more innertaining tomorrow. This is the next generation of computing users can produce, promote, share, earn and manage financial accounts through it. GNS CLOUD Is made up of several components and companies EI Search, Xeden, e-Pay Café, GATE and more.


An Extension of ePay Cafe

A GATE may be embedded in any public web-page allowing code to be passed in such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc; additionally you may add a GATE to a pre-existing personal or corporate website. Behind the GATE, all information is protected via the highest level of SSL encryption (128 bit) to prevent it from being intercepted by an unauthorized party. The settlement and transaction system offers additional security features. Once the information arrives at our data center, it is password protected in a data stored. 

Electronic Intelligence

Explore GNS' EI Search Engine

In a world of Information Technology as the key to success in most business; information gathering is paramount. Information drives many facets of almost every organization on the planet and yet the tools to manage this data have been expanding and changing over decades. One thing that has remained the same are the servers or mainframes that hold this valuable data.

Geo Mapping 

An Extension of EI Search 

In pursuit of offering a more refined search we've added a geo mapping extension to EI Search. This information system integrates, stores, edits, analyzes, shares, and displays geographic information.  It allows users to create interactive queries (user-created searches), analyze spatial information, edit data in maps, and present the results of all these operations.

​​Advanced Cloud Services