A team of four can develop mission critical systems that span all corporate departments in a fraction of the time convential programming methods require e.g. the above was developed in four months. GNS has a host of applications designed for increasing productivity that are ready made for your use.


Business Management System (BMS)

The Easy to use real-time Business Management Solution is Cloud accessiblefrom any device.

This point-and-click complete data access system enables all relevant aspects and levels of your company's data to be accessed and updated (if properly authorized) in useful report formats. The reports can be graphed with a single click, revealing trends and patterns otherwise unnoticed. The system provides dynamically generated WAP for personal devices and cell phone access.

Most significantly, information can be added and modified by authorized personnel. For example, the collection of time and expenses can be captured remotely from sales personnel via their favorite device, saving time and ultimately providing more up-to-the-second information for managers back at the office. The system additionally offers powerful Virtual Report Processing features that enable real-time control information enterprise-wide.