Announcing the first ever Digital Rights Exchange by Xeden Inc., a Delaware Corporation. Xeden specializes in the creation of Cloud Operating Environments used in applications ranging from e-publishing to smart grid management. This new Copyright Use and Access Exchange (Xeden) represents a true paradigm shift in the way digital media will be purchased and accessed. Xeden's founders saw that the sale of media would shift from physical sales to just the sale of access rights by the copyright holders and realized that the presence of an entity that would facilitate the exchange of digital rights would be required in the emerging "Cloud Computing Environment".

Years of research and design has resulted in the formation of Xeden, the first digital rights exchange in the 'Cloud'. Xeden is launching now and this presents several opportunities for existing and emerging businesses. With the breadth and scope of a commodities or stock exchange, Xeden will facilitate the transaction of buying and selling of Use Rights for copyrighted materials. The concept is simple. Copyrighted digital media is registered with the Xeden. The definitions of Fair Use Rights, Compulsory Use Rights and rules for access, distribution and even payment are included in this registration. The copyright owners and/or their designated managers are always in control over the definitions and rules associated with their content over the life of the registration. Xeden does not store or distribute the actual media.

Advantages of the Xeden Digital Rights Exchange

  • For the consumer:The lifetime tracking turns Granted Rights into real assets
  • The hassle of DRMs, syncing portable devices, or lost keys is not required
  • On-line or cloud based storage becomes more attractive
  • Fear of losing media when transferring to new devices goes away
  • For the Rights Owners:Digital storage and distribution becomes safer, even in the 'cloud'
  • Additional audit trail is a valuable bonus
  • Anti-abuse and anti-piracy are built into the Exchange design
  • No need to worry about future media device compatibility
  • For brokers and satellite businesses:Verification of previously granted rights provides new business models
  • Merchants no longer have to be digital warehouses
  • Additional audit trail is a bonus

Media Content

 Xeden specializes in the creation of Cloud Operating Environments used in applications ranging from e-publishing to smart grid management 

Xeden Cloud Concepts is building a global Cloud with many unique capabilities. For instance Xeden was the first to offer consumers and businesses with their own 'Corner™' of the Cloud. Every Corner connects to Xeden's Digital Rights Exchange (DRE) which protects your digital footprint by allowing you to register any of your media assets and personal data as your property and then control who has permission, and under what circumstances it can be accessed. The DRE seamlessly connects with other clouds to offer a variety of services, applications, and other added features.

All Digital Information: 

  • Film 
  • TV
  • Documentary
  • E-Books
  • Education
  • Music
  • Blogs
  • Pictures
  • Calendars
  • Sharable Content

Auricloud is one of our main integrated account partners using Corners of the Cloud and the DRE to offer a variety of media and data management cloud services. Activating your Auricloud account provides individuals and businesses with their Corner of the Cloud if they don't already have one. Auricloud offers a variety of libraries you can add to your Corner of the Cloud allowing you to manage granting rights to your media, including access to, and the sales or leasing of your content. 

Xeden Digital Rights Exchange

Digital Rights Exchange 

At the heart of all Xeden Clouds is our proprietary "Digital Rights Exchange" (DRE). Basic Xeden DRE accounts are free, and many services use them for login and access. Essentially the Xeden DRE allows for the registration of all digital media regardless of where it is stored and can protect those assets by allowing you to control who has permission under what circumstances to access the registered files or information.