E-Business Information Server (E-BIS) and Internet Commerce Enabler (ICE)

The Vision and the Goal

Consider the impact of real-time information on your business performance.
Envision the power of insight, knowledge, and action-now.
Discover the potential of zero-latency enterprise intelligence to:

  • improve customer service
  • increase sales
  • reduce fraud
  • enhance profitability
  • gain the edge in a fiercely competitive global marketplace

Zero-latency Enterprise Intelligence (ZEI) began as a business concept-a vision for the future. Today it represents an untapped potential that when applied correctly can act immediately on up-to-the-second business and customer information to win a competitive advantage. A zero-latency enterprise has the power to gather and process information continuously, in real time, make that information available immediately across the enterprise so that business processes and applications can take advantage of real-time information. Now you can  leverage the knowledge derived from real-time information to manage the business, serve the customer, and solve critical business challenges. A zero-latency enterprise reacts to consumer trends and business events instantly. It transforms information into insight, insight into knowledge and knowledge into action.

The Challenges Today

Traditional business has presented numerous obstacles to building a zero-latency enterprise.

Existing systems don't communicate effectively with new systems. Therefore, information technology acquired during mergers and acquisitions is incompatible with existing systems. Each line of business is an IT island, unable to share information with other parts of the enterprise. Retrieving customer records and business data is so costly and slow that this valuable information is not exploited. Everyone and everything must wait until transaction and data processing has been completed. Disparate systems, latency between systems, and delays during batch processing all adversely affect the speed with which business can react to emerging trends. The ability of companies to plan, analyze, market, and deliver has suffered accordingly.

At the core of every E-BIS ICE solution is a complete homogeneous system that is the ultimate Swiss Army knife, combining the data store, application layer and scripts into a seamless web presence. This provides the ability to process information and transactions continuously, even while applications access information to support decision-making and business processes. With an E-BIS ICE solution you no longer need to wait for batch processing to be completed before retrieving the latest data. The E-BIS ICE framework combines the strengths of a data store and enterprise application integration (EAI) to create a seamless, enterprise wide architecture for real-time information. Every application and business process in every part of the enterprise can take advantage of real-time data.

The E-BIS ICE framework protects your IT investments by extending capabilities and life span. Any existing application or system can access the real-time information generated by the zero-latency enterprise, while additional E-BIS ICE application. GNS and its IT partner UNISYS provide new, targeted solutions to meet your current and future needs.

E-BIS ICE in action

While the E-BIS ICE architecture is deployed throughout the enterprise for acquiring real-time information, it is also the engine that powers unique solutions for specific, targeted, and measurable results. Virtually any industry can benefit from anE-BIS ICE environment because the advantages of real-time information can be applied to any business need.

Virtual Data Pool and the Desktop Singularity

One of the most important aspects to the modern day successful business model is an E-Enterprise global presence. In this every changing model one thing remains the same; information is knowledge, and knowledge is the power to create success. Raw data that has not been transformed into information through the enterprise intelligence filter is useless. This raw data can be scattered across disparate data sources and still be distilled into a virtual data pool of up to the minute real control information with the advent of E-BIS ICE. This ZERO-LATENACY ENTERPRISE INTELLIGENCE BUSINESS INFORMATION SERVER converge all elements into a coherent whole on your desktop instantaneously, providing reports with vital information. The trend to end the vendor-centric, one-to-one relationship with the end customer is accomplished with E-BIS ICE creating the next generation of web evolution as the user-centric, many-to-one relationship is fostered creating a true virtual global village of empowered end-users of electronic intelligence.

​teller machines were introduced. Managers will no longer be able to hoard information, but will decide what information is distributed, to whom, and in what way. People who need the best information will be placed at the center of the appropriate business process. 

Employees will not deal with raw data but with reports, written or graphical, or alerts of trends and exceptions, according to predefined criteria. For instance, a trucking company manager might be paged when the fleet's carrying capacity drops below a predetermined level. Profitability will only be one of many measures enterprises will be able to view in real time. Others include, but are not restricted to, customer satisfaction, cash on hand and on-time delivery.

Business managers of a Web-based store application can develop a business indicator by correlating buying behavior with the response time that users experience. What would it mean for your business if you could see your company as it is right now, across the entire global enterprise? What would it mean for your business if you could know your customers as they are right now, not as they were days, weeks, or months ago? What would it mean for your business if you could respond on up-to-the-second information right now, without delay?

Empower your employees and knowledge users with the E-BIS ICE Virtual Report Processing Information Power Tools that provide fast, easy, and comprehensive Ad-Hoc E-Bis Data Mining filters* and functions (i.e. Search, Sort, Match, Calculate, Count, Compare) that turn raw data into vital information in minutes.

Enterprises will no longer need the position of chief monitoring officer, the task of monitoring the real-time information will be shared by the whole workforce. Monitoring is very domain-dependent and it is the people involved who will determine what the key performance or alert indicators will be Enterprises can make significant savings by minimizing idle working capital E-BIS ICE will affect operations and structure.

For example, warehouses will hold less stock and workers outside of the warehouse will be able to see the inventory and ordering and sales data. Some departments may disappear, but new ones will be developed, just as cash tellers largely disappeared from banks when the automated

E- Business

The Breakthrough and Secret Weapon

What began as an idea to empower the everyday employee has evolved into the most powerful enterprise software in the world GNS understands the need and the technology better than any other consulting group today, because the head of our Research and Development department created the MAPPER system in 1967, which has been renamed E-BIS ICE.

The pace of business is accelerating and expanding at exponential rates. Meanwhile business events continue to occur, as decision-making lags further and further behind. So much of business planning is based on outdated information, yesterday's trends, and wishful thinking. Any loss of time can not be afforded in a successful model. Real-time information gives you the power to know and act now to speed business processes, increase efficiency, decrease risk, and bring the business closer to your customers. Businesses that deploy a zero-latency infrastructure and that use it to take decisive action will own a distinct competitive advantage.

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