As previously stated GNS' EI users will be able to summarize the top results from their search and drill down into more relevant information. We are offering a more refined search effectively raising the bar and setting a new standard for what your search engine can do for you. This advanced approach enables our search engine to work for you by establishing search parameters and allowing you to walk away, while our EI scours the globe for the information you seek. When a search turns up relevant information you will receive a push notification requesting further action to either explore or dismiss the related result. The push notifications are also completely customized by the user. The users will be able to set their own security protocol and dictate which information if any can be accessed by other users. GNS will never authorize access to your secure information to third parties. 

be accessed by commonly used search engines such as Google or Yahoo. The Deep Web also referred to as the Invisible Web contains content that previously could not be indexed by search engines. The Deep Web contains academic information, medical records, legal docum-ents, government resources and more. To put it in more specific metric  parameters  the Surface Web contains approximately 19 TB of data across 980,000,000 sites as compared to the Deep Web which contains 7,500 TB of data across an unknown number of sites. When using the Surface Web you access information directly from its source. This direct 

approach tracks the information downloaded  from where and when its was accessed, and your exact location. Information on the Deep Web cannot be accessed directly. This is because the data is not held on a single page but in data bases, which makes it difficult for current search engines to index. Files are shared through any number of computers connected to the internet that hold the information that

In a world where Information Technology is the key to success in most businesses; information gathering is paramount. Information drives many facets of almost every organization on the planet and yet the tools to manage this data have been expanding and changing over decades. One thing that has remained the same are the servers or mainframes that hold this valuable data. 

EI provides the necessary tools to make informed decisions in real-time on the fly. It has been an aim of GNS to provide the best ways to access data and turn it into intelligence. 
The search engines today have become tools to drive revenue for the social media companies and giant IT companies, like Google, Yahoo and Facebook. The ways of researching the internet for important information have become vastly reduced. 

It is one of the primary focuses of GNS and it's Ei Search engine to provide the kind of results you want to see. This goes way beyond filtering out the distractions or the disturbing. Imagine if you had the ability to see a summary of all the high level results and the ability to drill down into the areas that are more relevant. Imagine being able to harness the 96% of information and content the search engines of today are bypassing in order to push brands which are not relevant to your search criteria. 

With the superior search capabilities that serve as the backbone of GNS we intend to harness the full power of the information that lives just beyond your fingertips. We have the ability to dive deep into the untapped source that is commonly referred to as the "Deep Web". There is much more to this unbridled arena than we see on our favorite late night dramas and the long drawn out court battles of world famous hackers. While its true that unsavory elements lurk in the depths of anonymity offered by the Deep Web the majority of the content housed in these vastly uncharted territories, if harnessed can offer a truly intelligent search giving birth to true electronic intelligence. 

One might ask​ what is the Deep Web? Put simply, its the portion of the internet that is hidden from view. The Surface or Visible Web can 

Electronic Intelligence 

E I Search 

Here is a mock up of what you would see inside  EI Search 

you need, this is called Peer-to-Peer networking.

This method of sharing encrypted data makes it difficult for your location and type of information  you access to be tracked or monitored. Search engines use "crawlers" to index information, for every site they index there are 4-5000 they don't. Since the crawlers only access information from websites they cannot index information from searchable databases, password protected sites or sites designed to keep them out. GNS aims to harness the power of this previously un-indexed information and put it in the hands of the users creating official electronic intelligence that is user driven.