and sometimes there is no transaction fee at all. This may save you money, or it may save money for the merchants you use allowing them to offer you cheaper prices on your shopping. Digital currency has no borders and you can avoid fees when spending or sending money abroad, it arrives instantly and is not subject to conversion.

Using digital currency is much easier than setting up a bank account, it protects you from bank fees and you wont be excluded from using it because of things like credit checks. Commercial banks have a privileged role in our modern economies, and this creates a number of problems which are solved by digital currency. When you put your money into a bank, they do not just store it in a vault for you until you need it. They use it to trade on financial markets and make a profit for themselves. You just have to trust they will

have enough money left to give you your money back when you need it. this doesn't always happen.

Conventional money is created as interest-bearing debt. It only gets created when somebody borrows it into existence, and that person then has to pay interest to a profit- seeking bank. Digital currency usually has a fixed period of money creation, in which new coins are paid to people who maintain the network, with no interest needing to be paid on them. Unlike traditional forms of money, which tend to gradually lose their value over time due to inflation, simply owning digital currency is an investment. Its clear to see than digital currency is the natural evolution of our economy as technology advances and weaves its way into every aspect of our lives.

Our digital currency ( cybercoins or epoints) enable instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. We use peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority, managing transactions and issuing money is carried out collectively by the network. ePay Cafe is also an open source software which enables the use of this form of currency. This system provides several advantages over traditional forms of currency. GNS is committed to offering secure solutions for all of your technology needs.

Digital currency is an Internet-based form of currency or medium of exchange distinct from physical (such as banknotes and coins) that exhibit properties similar to physical currencies, but allows for instantaneous transactions and border less transfer of ownership. Digital currency is a native part of "cyber space", it is the perfect fit for making payments through electronic systems. Digital currency transaction fees are usually a lot cheaper compared to things like credit cards or Paypal, 

Digtal Currency Exchange:

  • Manage
  • Earn
  • Spend
  • Security
  • Exchange
  • Convert
  • Universally

During the 2008 global financial crisis and its aftermath many, many banks simply did not have enough money to make good on all the balances that their customers supposedly held with them. Governments had to step in to provide them with the cash they had lost, but still in places like Cyprus many account holders lost part of the money they had trusted to the banks, whilst many other countries were forced to undergo ‘austerity’ to pay for what the banks had lost, and some countries like Greece are now economically crippled as a result. When you hold money in a digital currency wallet only you can spend it, and you will never risk loosing your savings due to somebody else’s reckless and greedy behavior.

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