GATE Global Autonomous Transmitting Extranet


Advance Payment Security

GATE  is a Global Autonomous Transmitting Extra-net. A multi-level synchronized log-in security system through which Internet Users may access and manage their Point Account, RSS content feeds and Earning Accounts.

 A GATE may be embedded in any public web-page allowing code to be passed in such as Facebook, Twitter, Etsy etc; additionally you may add a GATE to a pre-existing personal or corporate website. GATE access buttons are clean an unobtrusive.


Behind the GATE, all information is protected via the highest level of SSL encryption (128 bit) to prevent it from being intercepted by an unauthorized party. The settlement and transaction system offers additional security features connected to APE - Advanced Payment Engine. Once the information arrives at our data center, it is password protected in a data store. the data store is additionally fortified by an ICSA Certified firewall that block out intrusion attempts.