High volume, real-time activity monitoring is accomplished by BIS/HUD at the following sites:

Dashboard / Heads Up Display (HUD)

BIS and the GNS cloud provide the versatility and ease of use with industrial strength, enterprise wide solutions. The core elements of GNS/BIS are composed of utilities and tools which empower data users with the ability to customize your exact requirements, including a tailor made look and feel. Each aspect of your business can be optimized with a unique UI that enhances effectiveness and efficiency. 

Much of the flash of a web page presentation is simple and represent the final touches of a deep back-end database system. All the aspects of a mission critical system are inherent within BIS, which has been created and designed to be developed with little to no programming knowledge. 

We can train your people or do the work for you depending on the level of your requirements. You have the ability to authorize departments for control and get the advantage of data alerts. Business Activity Monitoring can be accessed from the Cloud. Have the advantage of cross platform access for your business with our Heads Up Display.

​Heads Up Display

  • Controls the Courts and Jails
  • Controls the DMV
  • Controls the Welfare System
  • Controls the Child Support System
  • Controls the Water and Power System 
  • ​All Water Levels in the California Aqaeduct