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Numerous locations around the globe rely on BIS/Mapper for their business needs here are a few you may of heard of.

​Representative BIS/ MAPPER Customers:

Manufacturing - Unisys, GTE, McDonnelll Douglas, Nike

Transportation - Santa Fe RR, Northwest, America West

Distributio n - Subaru, King Bearing, Kesko

Retailing - Circle K, Floral Network

Banking - Union Bank of Switzerland, TS Bank, Federal Reserve

Insurance - National Life, Kansas City Life

Construction - Bechtel, Sargent Lundy

Energy Production - Northern States Power, KC Power & Light

Recreation – Walt Disney Enterprises, Carnival Cruise Lines

Numerous Governmental bodies and agencies - Federal DOD, State of Minn., Westchester Co., NY, California and NY Welfare Systems, Hillsborough Co., FL. and the IRS

Military Branches - US Army, Navy, Air Force, DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency)

Plus Many, Many More!