Private Mobile Bubble

Travel with a connection that goes wherever you go! This is a 50mbs connection that is able to fit in a back pack and provides a connection any where in the world. The cost is $2,200 and comes with a water proof back pack and a 4k wireless camera.


This video showcases a rural bubble in Arizona


Check out more demos of Omni-fi on our video page 


Full City Bubble 

55 miles radius bubble with speeds ranging from 200mbs to 1.5gigabits per second. Allow one month to install, estimated cost based on hills or flat lands range from 2 million to 4 million. 


​​Rural Bubble

Any size bubble can be created to serve the requirements of any location in the world. We have several ways that we can provide a connection that will far exceed any other service provider. 
Call for a free estimate of the cost to install.

One World, One Wave, Stay Connected.


​​​Omni-fi is a broadband wi-fi technology. Our proprietary technology allows us to deliver 4K content at speeds never before seen by private users. We use a green technology with waves that do not contain the harmful elements more widely used delivery systems utilize. Omni-fi has created a virtual private network that is safer, faster and more secure. Users can connect from anywhere in the network radius instantly, from any device. Omni-fi offers unlimited usage without the hassles or restrictions of contracts and data plans. Enjoy seamlessly transferred data with no buffering on live stream playbacks, from a secure network that provides the privacy you deserve. 

At GNS we strive to offer solutions that are high performance as well as people and planet friendly. We envision a wireless world where you are free to roam about without compromising your connection. Why shouldn't you be able to access your wifi anywhere you go? Why should rural communities be excluded from the global community that is only a few clicks away? GNS is proud to present Omni-fi the fast, affordable, secure wifi connection.