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​​​User Driven Power Tools

The E-Intelligence behind Virtual Report Processing

This is a short demonstration of the ease of use and power of EI's extensive tool set available through the cloud. The reports are presented in spreadsheet formats that are interactively processed via the power tools on the tool bar (i.e. Search, Calculate, Graph). Once you become a power user you can use the control line to quickly type the commands and access the functionality directly without the graphical user interface. In the end this is much faster and far more powerful. 

Many security measures and validation features protect the data, including undo and refresh from a backup. Backup intervals can be set to as often as you like and you can do compounding searches against previous search results further refining your data. The Search function is a powerful query tool, once you become familiar with the functionality there are over 15 options that enhance the way you can mine data and then turn it into vital information with additional functions such as Sort, Totalize, Calculate and Graph. ​The result of the search function extracts the data per your specific criteria. The result can be manipulated further using additional power functions such as Sort, Match, Combine, or Compare.

Calculate is one of the most powerful features of E-BIS. When you become familiar with the capabilities you will appreciate the extent of the shear power of this function. The functionality of Calculate goes way beyond EXCEL. One of the greatest advantages is you can continue to manipulate your result and refine your data into valuable information. If you make a mistake you can simply back up one step and redo or reanalyze your progress.​ One of the most common ways to see a top down perspective on data and turn it into vital information is with a Graph. There are over ten types of graphs that you can choose from to get you point across. 

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