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We Offer a Variety of Tools for Your Business Needs 

Explore our Tool Suite where we cater to all your business needs. Gain access to necessary tools to help maximize the efficiency and potential of your business. We offer tools for monitoring your business from any device any where on the globe. Each application can be tailored to the needs of your company big or small we can handle the job. Click the link below for details about our business activity monitoring (BAM), heads up display (HUD) and more. 

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The Worlds Fastest Safest Wireless Internet 

​We have the fastest Internet and Intranet connections that are both secure and safe. Our signal is transmitted via AM radio frequency, these waves do not contain harmful elements the more widely used delivery systems utilize. We offer mobile, full city and rural wi-fi bubbles. Our proprietary technology allows us to deliver 4K content at speeds never before seen by private users. Join Omni-fi today as we expand our global bubble and bring secure safe internet to every community in the world.

​​​Advanced Cloud Services

This is the Next Generation Computing

The new term for Platform, Server or Database is “Cloud”! It is a global virtual information library, available anywhere, any time.Global Net Systems (GNS) Cloud will expand the world providing not only the content that has been licensed or shared; but the software to manage, manipulate and use it! GNS is a next generation New Media global conduit company empowering the conscious movement towards a sustainable, peaceful world, bringing together the best in Cloud Services.