E-Business Information Server (E-BIS) and Internet Commerce Enabler (ICE)
The Vision and the Goal

Consider the impact of real-time information on your business performance.
Envision the power of insight, knowledge, and action-now. Discover the potential of zero-latency enterprise intelligence to improve customer service, increase sales, reduce fraud, enhance profitability and gain the edge in a fiercely competitive global marketplace.

​​​​User Driven Power Tools

The E-Intelligence behind Virtual Report Processing

This is a short demonstration of the ease of use and power of EI's extensive tool set. The reports are presented in spreadsheet formats that are interactively processed via the power tools on the tool bar (i.e. Search, Calculate, Graph). Once you become a power user you can use the control line to quickly type the commands and access the functionality directly without the graphical user interface. In the end this is much faster and far more powerful.

​Business Management System (BMS)

The Easy and Complete Business Management Solution that is PDA ready!

This point-and-click complete data access system enables all relevant aspects and levels of your company's data to be accessed and updated (if properly authorized) in useful report formats. The reports can be graphed with a single click, revealing trends and patterns otherwise unnoticed. The system provides dynamically generated WAP for personal devices and cell phone access.

Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)

Industry analyst Gartner Dataquest created the term BAM and defines it as:

“The concept of providing real-time access to critical business performance indicators to improve the speed and effectiveness of business operations. At its broadest level, BAM is the convergence of operational BI and real-time application integration aimed at business goals but enabled through advances in IT.”


GNS Tool Suite 

Tool Suite 

​​​Dashboard / Heads Up Display (HUD)

Customize Your Dashboard for Total Control

BIS and the GNS cloud provide the versatility and ease of use with industrial strength, enterprise wide solutions. The core elements of GNS/BIS are composed of utilities and tools which empower data users with the ability to customize your exact requirements, including a tailor made look and feel. Each aspect of your business can be optimized with a unique UI that enhances effectiveness and efficiency.